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Army Home Decor

The Army Home Decor offered here is perfect for decorating specific rooms (bedrooms with fan pulls or kitchens with jars). At certain times of the year, like the holiday season, then our Army Home Decor Collection has accessories such as Christmas Ornaments to brighten up your living space.

U.S. Army Coaster Set of 6 In Stock

$17.95 Item# 66142

Jade Glass Army Christmas Ornament In Stock

$7.90 Item# 64680


Army Christmas Ornament - Pewter

$19.85 Item# 65632

Decorate your tree for Christmas with this ornament. But, it isn't only for use during the holiday season. Display this ornament in many unique ways throughout the year.

Army Christmas Ornament - Pewter & Enamel

$25.60 Item# 65633

Make your military pride part of your holiday decorations.

Army Fan Pull

$17.95 Item# 65606

Army home decor can include many items for enhancing the look and ambiance of your home. One of the least expensive entries in our catalog is this Army Fan Pull.

Army Fan Pull

$19.20 Item# 65607

A twist on our basic pewter fan pull. This one has enamel coloring on the pewter to bring out the logo with army green color surrounding it.

Army Glass Pitcher

$49.95 Item# 65636

60-ounce glass pitcher features a fine pewter casting. The details in this 3-d sculpted design are incredible! Made in USA.

Army Pour Spout Bottle

$30.10 Item# 65640

A glass bottle with a pour spout that makes your serving extra special. Great for olive oil or other specialties you wish to serve to your guests.

Army Pour Spout Bottle - Pewter/Green

$32.00 Item# 65641

Embellish your table with extra-special serving utensils such as this pour spout bottle with pewter casting.

Army Pump Dispenser

$31.40 Item# 65634


This Army home decor piece can be used in your washroom or kitchen. It's a pump dispenser that can also be engraved.

Army Pump Dispenser

$33.30 Item# 65635


Hand soap goes great inside this stainless steel pump dispenser!

Army Salt & Pepper Shakers

$31.40 Item# 65653


A set of salt and pepper shakers for members, veterans and supporters of the military.

Army Salt & Pepper Shakers

$30.10 Item# 65654


Army home decor worth saluting! This set of salt and pepper shakers look great in any kitchen or on any dining room table.

Army Storage Jar

$36.50 Item# 65624

Army home decor can be found all throughout the house or even outside the home. This large storage jar is most appropriate in the kitchen for storing of all types of goodies or spices.

Army Storage Jar (Green)

$42.25 Item# 65627

This storage jar differs from product# 65624 only on the emblem, which features green instead of all pewter. There's an emblem on the side of the jar and also on the lid.

Army Wine Chiller

$58.25 Item# 65672


This Wine Chiller is a great addition to your Army home decor.

Army Personalized Gifts

Most of these home decorative accessories are able to be engraved. In addition to these items, we have keychains, trophies, challenge coins and many army personalized gifts for occasions such as graduation or promotion.

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