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Army Glassware

Personalized Army Glassware can be used by recruiters to recognize a new sign-up or by anyone who knows someone currently serving in the Army. These glasses also can become Veteran gifts. With engraving, the glass can convey a special message years into the future.

Army Square Shot Glass

$15.40 Item# 65655


Our Army Glassware Collection begins with this 1.5 ounce glass shot. Adorned with a simple, yet striking, pewter emblem which has been officially licensed, it is both handsome and affordable. Made in USA.

Army Cordial Clear Glass

$14.10 Item# 65598


It is said that serving drinks in a cordial glass lends a touch of elegance to any social gathering. Whether you are serving after-dinner liqueurs or moonshine or anything in between, you'll be doing it in a classy way with this type of Army Glassware.

Army Cordial Clear Glass with Enamel

$14.10 Item# 65599


Similar in every way to our basic Cordial Glass (Product #65598), this one features green enamel to make it more noticeable. Everyone likes to stand out in the crowd!

Army Glass Pitcher

$49.95 Item# 65636

60-ounce glass pitcher features a fine pewter casting. The details in this 3-d sculpted design are incredible! Made in USA.

Army Glass Pitcher

$53.15 Item# 65637

Augment your Army Glassware Collection with this 60 ounce glass pitcher. Holds 60 ounces and proudly made in the United States of America.

U.S. Army Double Old Fashioned Glass

$31.40 Item# 65162


Every Army Glassware Catalog should have a double old fashioned glass. Ours does not disappoint. Finely made, it will hold 14 ounces of rum, vodka, gin, scotch, or whatever the Army soldier wants to drink.

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U.S. Army Square Shot Glass

$16.65 Item# 65166


Similar in every way to our flagship U.S. Army Shot Glass (Product # 65655), this one is distinct in just one way. Green enamel has been added to the pewter emblem to make it stand out more. Still safe for use in dishwasher and microwave.

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