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Army Desk Accessories

Our corporate collection of desk accessories features everything from desktop card holders to photo frames to letter openers. Here you'll find a branch of that collection designed exclusively for the U.S. Army.

Set of Four Army Coasters In Stock

$9.50 Item# 67515


Antique Brass Army Marble Gold Paperweight In Stock

$21.15 Item# 66096

U.S. Army Oval Marble Double Pen Stand In Stock

$76.50 Item# 56694


Desk accessories are ideally suited for a promotion gift when the member of the United States Army is being promoted to a higher rank! Whether its a Lance Corporal moving up to Specialist or a Captain being promoted to Major -- this U.S. Army Double Pen Stand may be engraved with a name and rank! See more engraved pen stands

5x7 Army Photo Frame In Stock

$48.00 Item# 65612


Of all the Army desk accessories you could choose to place on your desktop, we recommend you go with one that shows off your personality. What better way to show who you are than choose your favorite 5x7 photo and place it in this frame.

Army Card Holder In Stock

$38.40 Item# 65591

This desk accessory is a business card holder made of pewter and featuring the Army insignia.

Army Card Holder with Green Accent Color In Stock

$39.70 Item# 65592

A desk accessory that stands out with its green enamel highlights! This desktop card holder is made of pewter.

Army Indiwest Card Holder In Stock

$41.00 Item# 65621

This product (#65621) is a variation of our Indiwest Business Card Holder (#65620). They are the same in every way except this medallion (which is made of pewter on both models) is enhanced with the addition of green enamel coloring to resemble the "Army green" color association with the United States Army.

Army Mousepad

$12.15 Item# 66126

Army National Guard Mousepad

$12.15 Item# 66131

Army Double Pen Stand with Army Insignia

$82.30 Item# 65092


This pen stand offers an opportunity to show your Army pride or congratulate a friend or family member. Often given to the commander during a change of command, this attractive piece says it all... it's the Army and you are Army Proud!

Army vs. Navy Chess Pieces

$119.95 Item# 70994

4x6 Army Frame

$38.40 Item# 65613


This 4x6 frame is one of our many officially licensed Army desk accessories. Place a photo of your Army buddies if you're a retired Veteran. If still deployed, display a photo of your family back home!

Army Indiwest Card Holder

$39.70 Item# 65620

This Indiwest Business Card Holder is one of a dozen new Army Desk Accessories launching in 2015 from Gifts for Professionals. Handsome and sharp-looking, it will immediately draw attention to anyone who visits your office.

Army Letter Opener

$32.65 Item# 65622


Pewter Letter Opener featuring the Army Insignia on the handle. Engraving available on the blade to make it a personalized Army gift.

Army Letter Opener with Color Fill

$31.40 Item# 65623


One of the sharpest Army desk accessories in our collection.