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Animal Gift Ideas

Animals fascinate us and have a special place in our heart. Many different animal species are in our catalog from the type of animals we have as pets (dogs and cats) to more exotic and dangerous animals such as bears, lions, tigers and buffalo. If you've been looking for great animal gift ideas, you've come to the right place.

Bear Gifts

Bear Gifts

Bears fascinate us as we imagine them slow moving animals who look fuzzy and cute. But the bear can be a ferocious creature and all wildlife must be respected. In this collection of bear gifts, we showcase home accessories featuring the black bear, brown bear and grizzly bear.

Bighorn Sheep Gifts

Bighorn Sheep Gifts

Found only in North America, the Bighorn Sheep is immediately recognized by its large horns. If you're looking for animal gift ideas indigenous to our continent, consider these glasses, keychains and decorative accessories featuring the Bighorn Sheep.

Bird Gift Ideas

Bird Gift Ideas

Decorative bird lover gift ideas. Excellent for those who love to do some bird watching.

Buffalo Gifts

Buffalo Gifts

Bison and the Cape Buffalo show up in the department of our animal gift ideas.

Butterfly Gifts

Cat Gift Ideas

Cow Gifts

Dragonfly Gifts

Elephant Gifts

Elk Gifts

Horse Gifts

Lion Gifts

Moose Gifts

Mountain Lion Gifts

Rabbit Gift Ideas

Rhino Gifts

Turtle Gifts

Walrus Gifts

Antelope Bottle Stopper

$32.00 Item# 68361

Armadillo Bottle Stopper

$32.00 Item# 68362

Dragon Fly Dark Green Gift Mug

$28.80 Item# 66889

Pig Coffee Mug

$28.80 Item# 67025


Indian Peacock Bowl

$184.00 Item# 71098

Indian Peacock Figurine

$54.90 Item# 71099

Peacock on Branch Figurine

$98.90 Item# 71097

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