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Angel Lapel Pins

Angel Lapel Pins

Celebrate appreciation, faith, joy, memories and all the emotions of life with our Angel Lapel Pins from Gifts for Professionals. We have Angel Pins for your relatives, your occupation and favorite sports and hobbies too!
Wings & Wishes Angel Pin - Laughter
Angel Pin for Laughter
$5.45 Item# 65231
Wings & Wishes Angel Pin - Appreciation
WIngs & Wishes Angel Pin, Coach
Coach Angel Lapel Pin
$5.45 Item# 64574
Wings & Wishes Angel Pin - Comfort
Comfort Angel Lapel Pin
$5.45 Item# 53276
Wings & Wishes Angel Pin - Faith
Faith Angel Lapel Pin
$5.45 Item# 53278
Wings & Wishes Angel Pin - Joy
Joy Angel Lapel Pin
$5.45 Item# 53285
Wings & Wishes Angel Pin - Memories
Memories Angel Lapel Pin
$5.45 Item# 53286
Wings & Wishes Angel Pin - Speedy Recovery
Pink Ribbon Angel Pin
Pink Ribbon Angel Pin
$3.60 Item# 70745
Angel - US Flag Angel Lapel Pin
Gabriel The Archangel Pin and Card
Michael The Archangel Pin and Card
Raphael The Archangel Pin and Card
Uriel The Archangel Pin and Card
Wings and Wishes, Volunteer
Volunteer Angel Pin
$5.45 Item# 64576

Angel Lapel Pins for Occupations

More than just another occupation lapel pin, these special pins celebrate the brave occupations of law enforcement, fire and rescue and healthcare!

Musician's Guardian Angel In Stock

$3.15 Item# 31534

For the faith-filled band or symphony member (or teacher), this guardian angel lapel pin reminds them that there is someone watching over them always, especially when their utilizing their talent to make beautiful music.

Fire Fighter Angel Lapel Pin

$5.45 Item# 53279

This beautiful fire fighter occupational lapel pin features an angel dressed in fire fighter gear. A perfect gift idea for the fire fighter or the family who wants to keep that fire fighter safe, this fire fighter lapel pin is a great gift for the fire fighter graduating from school or perhaps the mother of a new graduate. Comes in a beautiful box which has a sentiment on the outside of the box: "May this fire fighter angel, Sparkling ever so bright, Protect your special fire fighter, Each day and every night."

Angel Lapel Pins for Relatives

Each of these Angel Lapel Pins recognizes a special relationship in your life. Find one for mom, sister and everyone special!

Godchild Angel Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.45 Item# 53282

Give this special pin the the baby and baptism and when they grow older they will really love it! For the Christian family who wants to raise their child in the Christian faith.

Baptism Gifts

Godmother Angel Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.45 Item# 53283

Honor your Godmother with this beautifully designed Angel Lapel Pin. Mom and Dad can give the Godmother this pin on the day of Baptism or a young adult who wants to thank their Godmother for prayers and wonderful support could also give this as a gift later in life.

Mother Angel Lapel Pin

$5.45 Item# 53287

Is your mother an angel? Do you cherish her? Then show her with a heartfelt gift such as this angel lapel pin for moms!

Angel Lapel Pins for Sports & Activities

No matter what you love to do for sports or hobbies, we've got the ideal Angel Lapel Pin for you. Whether you love to be a biker, cheerleader, fisherman, dancer or soccer player -- you'll find an angel pin just for you!

Biker Guardian Angel In Stock

$8.25 Item# 31501


Don't you love this motorcycle pin? It's a symbol to remind you that no matter where you go, or what you ride, your guardian angel is by your side!

Motorcycle Gifts

Dance Angel Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.45 Item# 53277

This might be the most perfect Dance Recital Gift in our catalog.

Soccer Angel Lapel Pin

$6.55 Item# 53293

It's perfect as a kid's soccer gift and it's so inexpensive too! A thoughtful Christian gift idea focusing on sentiments that says so much.

Baseball Angel Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.45 Item# 53273

Gifts for Professionals is the best place to start when you are shopping for Baseball Lapel Pins! We've got several different designs available including this Christian themed pin with features an angel holding a baseball.

Football Angel Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.45 Item# 53281

Gifts for Professionals has teamed together with "heavenly hosts" to bring you this adorable collection of "Wings and Wishes" Angel Lapel Pins with a football sports theme. Buy one for your favorite high school football player or buy a set for the entire team!

Youth Football Gift Ideas

Basketball Angel Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.45 Item# 53274

Our Basketball Gifts Collection now has a new entry and one with a Christian theme. It's this fantastically creative pin showing a heavenly host holding a basketball!

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