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Air Force Keychains

Find a variety of designs from Gifts for Professionals. Most of these Air Force Keychains are made from pewter although our key fob is minted from a brass alloy.

U.S. Air Force Military Key Chain

$12.30 Item# 50894


When compared to our other pewter keychains, this one is much lighter and also less expensive. Weights in at only .05 pounds. Measures 2" wide. It's also personalized with the addition of key tag onto the ring.

Air Force Keychain

$18.60 Item# 62790


We make this a personalized keychain by adding a small engraved key tag to the ring since the design of this keychain features the emblem on both sides and doesn't offer room directly onto the keychain. This key tag addition easily transforms this ordinary keychain into a personalized Air Force gift. The bold blue accents the natural color of pewter. We also have a version available without the blue and just plain pewter.

Air Force Money Clip & Keychain Gift Set

$43.55 Item# 65451


This men's gift set includes an Air Force money clip and keychain.

Air Force Money Clip & Keychain Gift Set

$46.10 Item# 65452


This keychain and money clip gift set features a bold blue accent on the pewter emblem on each product.

Large U.S. Air Force Key Ring

$16.00 Item# 39151


This keychain measures 4" around and is perfect for not only members of the USAF, but also their family members too. The same design with a bold blue accent is available on product # 62790

A-10 Thunderbolt Keychain

$5.20 Item# 70103

Air Force Yellow Ribbon Keyring

$15.00 Item# 44474


The reverse side of this keychain features the phrase "God Protect Our Sons and Daughters"

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