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Air Force Gifts for Him

Money clips, tie tacks and cuff links are some of the Air Force Gifts for him you can use when shopping for special occasions.

Pilot Airplane Cufflinks In Stock

$23.25 Item# 48902

Pewter Air Force Money Clip

$14.00 Item# 69607


A money clip is a quintessential gift for him. Maybe your boyfriend or husband is one of those guys who doesn't like to carry a wallet. For men who want a money clip to carry in their front pocket, this pewter Air Force emblem on spring steel clip is the ideal choice.

Air Force Bow Tie Check

$27.00 Item# 68757

Air Force Bow Tie Repeat

$27.00 Item# 68758

Air Force Money Clip

$36.50 Item# 39165


The money clip is made of stainless steel and is one of our best selling Air Force gifts for him. The U.S.A.F. medallion is made from fine pewter. We can engrave the stainless steel area of the money clip with initials or a short name.

Note, that the width of the item is small so we recommend very short names or initials be engraved.

U.S. Air Force Flask

$39.05 Item# 65172


U.S. Air Force Money Clip

$37.15 Item# 69775

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