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Acrylic Awards

Take a closer look at Acrylic Awards when you are searching for affordable employee recognition awards that have a rich look to them. Popular among multi-award programs, our acrylic awards make an excellent choice for your employee awards program. Acrylic Awards also fit that tight non-profit award budget too! While its not as elegant as a crystal award, be crystal clear on this: acrylic awards are a great choice!

Acrylic Star Awards

Acrylic Star Awards

Our most cost-effective Star Awards are made of acrylic. Acrylic Stars look almost as good as glass awards and we encourage you to consider these for recognizing your star employees!

Diamond Acrylic Awards

Diamond Acrylic Awards

Our Diamond Acrylic Award Series features a sharp-looking design available in two sizes.

The Aqua Acrylic Awards

The Aqua Acrylic Awards

The Aqua Acrylic Award Series features 2 different designs with the best-selling design being available in 3 sizes (small, medium and larger).

Floating Black Wood Plaque - 8x10 In Stock

$80.95 Item# 54912


This plaque (measuring 8" x 10") features an ebony black piano wood (high polished shine) and "floating" on top is an acrylic front which, engraved from the back, leaves a beautiful look that is reflecting the black base while not actually against it. Floating affect is achieved by four corner brackets which allow more than 1/2" "floating" space. Award can be vertical or horizontal or even free-standing.

Texas Award In Stock

$96.00 Item# 65442


It's the great state of Texas in a stunning award! Take a closer look at this attractive acrylic award in the shape of Texas. Of course, this award is made for those hosting a convention in Texas, for those who are from Texas and for anyone who just has a Texas state of mind!

Freestanding Acrylic Award Plaque w/ Design - 6x8 In Stock

$81.95 Item# 55027


This freestanding Acrylic Awards stands tall in its pronouncement of employee achievement. The recognized employee will be proud to display this recognition award in their office.

Oval Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Award In Stock

$50.00 Item# 64408


This oval award is made of black acrylic with the added pink ribbon in the center for a bright contrast. The text added features your wording in white.

Chiseled Jade or Clear Acrylic Paperweight In Stock

$17.30 Item# 60041


Multi-purpose design allows this to be an engraved award or even a practical paperweight. No matter which you choose, it is engravable with corporate logo, employee name and short message.

Support Our Troops Yellow Ribbon Acrylic Award

$101.95 Item# 63885

For those who support the military, the sight of a yellow ribbon is a reminder that someone isn't home yet with their families and the community is supporting their patriotic service to the military with love and dedication.

That's why Gifts for Professionals is proud to support the efforts of those who are dedicated to serving the military by offering this wonderful Yellow Ribbon Award at a discounted price.

Above the Mountain Tops Acrylic Award

$32.95 Item# 64419


The Above the Mountain Tops Acrylic Award is sure to fit into any awards budget without compromising style and appearance.

Blue and Clear Flame Award

$120.00 Item# 65441


Where are the leaders of tomorrow? Today's newest hire in your sales department could be guided to one day become the company's CEO. Success can be guided with recognition programs. The Clear/Blue Flame Award combines the acrylic ready for engraving with a handsome rosewood base.

Acrylic Eagle Tower Award

$86.80 Item# 54981


People want their professional accomplishments recognized by peers. Corporate achievements should be celebrated to spur more success and inspire everyone on the team.

Color Splash Acrylic Award - Variety of Colors Available

$97.75 Item# 65036


Handsome Color Splash Acrylic Award that comes in colors from gold and black to purple and silver! Match your color with your mood, your campaign, your corporate recognition theme or just your ability to see all the colors in this attractive award rainbow.

Dimensions: 7.0"W 10.0"H

Freestanding Acrylic Award Plaque 5x7

$71.00 Item# 55026


A stylish and affordable award, this acrylic award comes in two sizes suitable for the employee recognition award or the organizational volunteer award! A winning award for a winner from Gifts for Professionals!

Shooting Star Plaque 8x10

$66.70 Item# 55852


What kind of manager do you want to be? Do you want to be a manger that inspires employees or one that is not respected? Earn their respect by including encouragement and achievement recognition into your management style. Our Shooting Star Plaque is an excellent choice to recognize any performance.

Burst of Color Recognition Award

$124.55 Item# 64406


It's time to catch a colorful wave and give a blast of color in your awards! That's why this captivating recognition award is certain to excite and award winner. The top of this lucite award features three waves at the top and is angled on the black base at the bottom. This award features stunning gold, orange, blue, yellow, green ... all swirling together to form a symphony of colors all on a shape that is difficult to resist.

Edge of Achievement Acrylic Award - Large

$122.40 Item# 47599


The larger of our two "Edge of Achievement" series in acrylic measures 11.75" H.

Edge of Achievement Acrylic Award - Medium

$111.45 Item# 55025


The smaller of our two "Edge of Achievement" series in acrylic measures 10" H.

Reduced Cost: The #1 Benefit of Acrylic Awards

The number one benefit of going with engraved acrylic awards is the lower cost. Quite simply, acrylic awards are cheaper than all other materials. Crystal awards and those made of marble/glass/wood cost more -- however acrylic can still look great!

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