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Academic Lapel Pins

There’s no better way to teach a student to excel than by offering a few incentives along the way that show the pride teachers have for those important achievements. There’s no more meaningful way to show appreciation to a teacher, than by offering some type of gift or award that says “Job well done.” Try saying thank you with affordable and attractive academic lapel pins.

Golden Apple Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.65 Item# 62731

Teachers love our Academic Lapel Pins and we start of our collection with this golden apple. It features a gold coated brass apple measuring about .33" H and fits nicely on a jacket. The gold leaf adds a little decorative touch but the real difference is the way your staff feels wearing a Golden Apple Lapel Pin that says thanks so affordably! Discounts available on quantities of 25 or more.

Outstanding Musical Achivement Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.55 Item# 61909

For the musician who achieves great things when playing a favorite instrument whether that instrument is a voice or a piano... the results are shear perfection. That's why Gifts for Professionals offers this affordable way to award (or should we say reward) that music lover with this Outstanding Musical Achievement Award. Perfect for the academic awards program where budgets are so tight but the desire to congratulate and inspire students is so important. This small yellow star stays that the musician will be a star among stars and their achievements are certainly appreciated.

Apple Pin with Green Leaf Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.20 Item# 62741

Of course an apple is good for you and so is an apple lapel pin when you are looking for a simple way to designate a teacher or a principal or even someone working on the company health plan who wants to demonstrate that they are "pushing" easy lunch vegetables. Measuring .875" with a standard clutch back, this red apple lapel pin sports a green leaf and is certain to be noticed on the jacket. Any of our Academic Lapel Pins are available in discounts when purchasing more than 25. Contact Gifts for Professionals for more details!

Teacher Gifts

Bus Driver Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.20 Item# 31520

When selection Academic Lapel Pins to give our to school employees, don't forget the bus driver! Sure, most award companies offer pins for teachers, principals and coaches, but we think the bus driver is a key component to success at school. It all starts with a safe and loyal bus driver.

Red Apple Lapel Pin with Green Leaf In Stock

$3.75 Item# 62066

In the past, students would bring apples into school as a gift to a great teacher. Today, the process of student gift giving might include an apple-themed gift such as the bright red emblematic pin with green leaf and stem at the top.

Music Note Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.00 Item# 64949

Keep your employee award recognition program on the right note with this simple musical note award! It's one of the academic lapel pins the music teachers and band directors are really going to love!

Special Teacher Apple Lapel Pin and Marker In Stock

$4.50 Item# 44322

This apple themed academic lapel pin comes on a market card that reads "Teachers who love to teach create children who love to learn."

Art Lapel Pin In Stock

$3.20 Item# 70985

Teacher with Apple Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.25 Item# 70527

Math Lapel Pin

$3.85 Item# 70264

Art Award Lapel Pin

$5.45 Item# 61951

Hosting an art exhibit and thinking about participation pins to give to the artists who display their paintings? If so, this Art Award Emblematic Pin is worth your attention. Like your artists will do at the exhibit, our designers have used creativity to create an award pleasing to look at.

Black Piano Lapel Pin

$4.15 Item# 61952

Piano instructors will smile when they are the latest addition to our Academic Lapel Pins Collection. This is great for school music teachers or for private, at-home instructors who teach young eyes how to read music and young hands who to make that piano sing.

Education Is Our Passion Lapel Pin

$4.40 Item# 61043

Are you gathering with teachers around the state and want to highlight your own school's dedication to education? Why not assure your staff attending the teacher's conference all wear a beautiful lapel pin reading "Education is Our Passion" lapel pin. This attractive lapel pin features the lamp of learning, a torch (that a teacher passes on to a student) a book and a feather pen. Each is a symbol of education and certainly make a fitting display on this 1" around pin.

Excellence in Music Lapel Pin

$3.95 Item# 61487

If you teach music, you know how important it is to assure your students feel successful as they discover their own unique love of music. This handsome lapel pin assures each student feels validated and rewarded for achieving excellence in music. Measuring 1.125" across, this Excellence in Music Lapel Pin is sure to be an appreciated award by any student achieving goals and understanding the same love of music you are working with them to achieve.

Artist Pallet Lapel Pin

$3.30 Item# 60947

A school principal could give this artist pallet emblematic pin to the school's art teacher as a way of honoring the great potential student's are showing with their paintings. Measures just under 1" wide, this emblematic pin features small dabs of color and two brushes.

Teacher's Care Lapel Pin

$2.95 Item# 60949

Great teachers care about their students. They prove it each and every day by going to work in an under-appreicated field and giving their time and talent in working with young mind. Guiding them in the steps of learning english, science, math and more, teachers really do care and emblematic academic lapel pins such as this one are a way to say thank you for caring!

School Volunteer Lapel Pin

$3.75 Item# 70553

There are many opportunities to volunteer in a school and learning to give your time for the greater good of others is a wonderful experience for children and young teens. Teaching them that volunteers in a worthy endeavor will encourage them to do so throughout their lives with various community organizations.

Volunteer Gifts & Awards

Wrestling Chenille Pin

$3.75 Item# 70986

History Lapel Pin

$3.20 Item# 70977

More About Academic Lapel Pins

Say it with academic lapel pins! Taking the time to say thank you is often one of the few ways to help assure people feel appreciated and valued, and this fact is certainly even more critical for students whose achievements help define their future. And what about those hard-working teachers whose achievements are often buried in paperwork and regulations? Why not offer a few affordable and attractive awards that don’t break the bank when it’s time to balance the budget? Why not offer academic lapel pins as part of your teacher recognition and student awards program?

Gifts for Professionals offers a growing selection of academic lapel pins designed to say “thank you” and “job well done” in some of the most creative and colorful ways! From the tradition apple for the teacher to the ever-popular array of stars, Gifts for Professionals knows that education is your passion so that’s why we’ve assembled an assortment of academic lapel pins sure to express what words often lack and do it so beautifully too!

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